What we do

We advise Dutch entrepreneurs on investments, business development and technical developments in the Malaysian manufacturing and service sectors. We can, partly due to our good relations with the Malaysian government, move your investment project in the right direction from the very start.
For a rapidly growing number of clients, we bring together all relevant information on business opportunities, markets and the competition, business culture and customs, as well as the legal aspects of doing business in Malaysia.

Market research
Gaiyah Consult collects market information and carries out research in various sectors to assess the viability of investment plans. Our team works on risk and cost-benefit analyses every day. We also offer research services that help companies and institutions to identify changing market forces in Malaysia and (Southeast) Asia, broaden their outlook and increase insight and understanding.
Business Development
We enable entrepreneurs and investors to make well-founded strategic decisions in the process of grasping new opportunities. We do so by establishing contacts with the right partners and by supporting our clients with effective follow-up and building a business network in Malaysia.
Commercial support
We help clients with marketing services and other forms of commercial support. This may include an effective presentation to customers or distributors, organizing events and exhibitions, as well as strengthening the enterprise in Malaysia in the form of representation or an agency, or in an advisory role.
Dealing with rules and regulations
Gaiyah Consult offers companies complete guidance in entering new markets in Malaysia. Clients use our expertise for local research as a basis for business success in a new environment. We guide clients through challenges in the rules and regulations, and we take care of their business with Malaysian authorities.