Why Gaiyah Consult

Without thorough preparations, international business can become a complicated affair. For Dutch entrepreneurs and investors, Gaiyah Consult is the appropriate party to bring about a smooth cooperation with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). All our services are designed to simplify doing business in Malaysia.
Gaiyah Consult helps entrepreneurs with:
  • Market research and identifying opportunities
  • Complying with local and (inter)national laws and regulations
  • Substantiating investments
  • Researching funding opportunities
  • Selecting the ideal company location
We can offer valuable help in many ways, thanks to our good relationship with the Malaysian government and our extensive network in the industry and service sectors.
A reliable one-stop shop with a single point of contact in a new market can mean a drastic reduction in the costs, risks and time involved, so you can focus on growth.
Gaiyah Consult provides support through:
  • Accurate information about doing business in Malaysia
  • A strong international team and business network
  • Direct contacts with financial institutions, authorities and business personnel
  • Advice on rules, regulations and registrations
  • Advice on cultural and business practices in Malaysia

Our core team consists of experienced professionals who bring together capital, technology, best practices and the right contacts in investment projects every day. The team is strengthened when necessary with world-class Senior Advisors in the fields of corporate law and finance, specific rules and regulations, science and industrial developments. Our shared experience and expertise covers a broad spectrum in both the manufacturing and service sectors.
Breakthroughs in growth
Gaiyah Consult, founded in the Netherlands in 2013, builds upon years of experience in working with governmental authorities and industry in Malaysia. We are fully focused on sustainable and profitable results for your company.
We are always looking for breakthroughs in growth by deploying the latest technology and by helping to design smart processes, marketing and sales. We like to think strategically based on a long-term vision, and therefore we also like to be involved at an early stage.
Do you already have concrete plans in Malaysia? Are you in the orientation phase, looking for the best opportunities in (Southeast) Asia? Would you like to know more about what Gaiyah Consult can do for you? Please contact us to find out how fast your business can gain momentum.