Gaiyah Consult

Gaiyah Consult provides services at the point where the Netherlands meets Malaysia. We accelerate and simplify doing business in Malaysia for Dutch entrepreneurs and investors.
Gaiyah Consult is the only Dutch company with a direct working relationship with various Malaysian Government Agencies. The Malaysian Investment Development Authority, MIDA is the central government body responsible for the promotion and coordination of investments in Malaysia. Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, MATRADE promotes and develops the Malaysian external trade with particular emphasis on the export of manufactured and semi manufactured products and services.
Gaiyah Consult is the first port of call for Dutch entrepreneurs who want to realize their investment plans in Malaysia as efficiently as possible, or assess their feasibility as soon as possible.
Gaiyah Consult is a Dutch company. We are not brokers and we operate independently. We are exclusively focused on support in laying a solid foundation for your business in Malaysia.